This site contains my collection of vegetable gardening information.  I have tips, tricks and tools which I hope you find useful.

Some of the vegetables we grew and sold.

Some of the vegetables we grew and sold.

When planning my venture into farmer’s market gardening, I became obsessed with research.  I created files and folders full of data.  I assembled information from many universities, the Rodale Institute, and recognized authors in the vegetable gardening genre; Steve Solomon, Carol Deppe, Eliot Coleman, Mel Bartholomew, John Jeavons, Edward C. Smith, Ruth Stout, and others.  I even added planting information from comprehensive seed catalogs like Johnny’s and Territorial to my arsenal.

I studied 4-season gardening, lasagna gardening, greenhouse gardening, straw bale gardening, and learned about NPK, composting, worms, brix, organic fertilizer and pest control, and so much more!

My book of notes.

My book of notes.

I researched the growth requirements for each vegetable from many different sources. I then combined the data into a comprehensive information sheet for each vegetable.

I found some excellent tasting vegetables, and varieties that are favorites for other reasons like size, length of season, and resistance to the elements.

Why organic?

The most important thing I learned is that good soil is the key to successful vegetable gardening and that if one takes the time to nurture their soil, he or she will be rewarded with healthy crops and a beautiful garden environment.

One thing that will destroy soil is using chemical substances that aren’t organic.  They will destroy the soil food web.

This food web consists of earthworms, mites, bacteria, fungi and other organisms that release mineral nutrients and create the loose soil structure crops need to thrive.  Some microorganisms prevent diseases and help fend off insect invasions.  Nurture the soil, and the soil will produce healthy, tasty, beautiful crops.





When we sold at farmers markets, we displayed a sign with the information shown below. 

Starwood Eco-Farm Growing Practices

This farm is not certified organic.  We are not big enough to have the resources we need to meet the USDA certification requirements. 

We do follow all natural practices.

For fertilization, we use composted leaves, plant waste, vegetable waste, coffee grounds, and horse and llama manure.  We age manures as is necessary for safety. 

We use organic or natural soil amendments – e.g. seed meal, kelp meal, bone meal, blood meal, lime, fish fertilizer .

For pest control, the natural methods we use include:

Hand picking                      Companion Planting

Row covers                        Colored plastic mulches

Attracting beneficial insects and birds     Plant extracts

For weed control, the natural methods we use include:

Hand pulling and hoeing          Mulching

Flaming                            Shading 

Natural herbicides approved for organic production like corn gluten meal, clove oil and vinegar.

We have practiced these methods on this land for the last six years.  Previously, the land we farm was wild.



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